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默认情况下,Eloquent 在数据的表中自动地将维护 created_at 和 updated_at 字段。只需简单的添加这些 timestamp 字段到表中,Eloquent 将为您做剩余的工作。如果您不希望 Eloquent 维护这些字段,在模型中添加以下属性:public $timestamps = f...

直接在后面加上另一个orderBy就行了。例如 User::orderBy('name', 'DESC') ->orderBy('email', 'ASC') ->get(); 会产生这样的sql语句效果: SELECT * FROM `users` ORDER BY `name` DESC, `email` ASC


Installation composer require fzaninotto/faker Basic Usage Use Faker\Factory::create() to create and initialize a faker generator, which can generate data by accessing properties named after the type of data you want.

::bind('user', function($id) { $user = App\User::find($id)->first(); }); Route::patch('user/{user}', 'UserController@update'); // UpdateUserRequest.php public function rules() { $user = $this->route('user'); return [ 'username'...

官方文档的Validation章节有介绍 网页链接 required_without_all 校验, 格式是: required_without_all:字段1,字段2,... 当且仅当列出来的所有字段都为空的时候,会校验不通过,有任意一个非空都通过

--把tableA 中sign值为package 赋值给tableB update b set b.sign=a.sign from tableA a,tableB b where a.order_id=b.order_id and a.sign='package' --统计数量 select count(*) as 数量 from tableB where sign='package'

select from yourtables where and name not in('') 括号你不要的列

亲,你可以看看这个是否能够帮到你哦 指定查询子句 (Select Clause) $users = DB::table('users')->select('name', 'email')->get(); $users = DB::table('users')->distinct()->get(); $users = DB::table('users')->select('name as user_name...

现在,让我们一行行分析结构生成器生成的authors表,下面是up()方法中的代码: 1 // auto increment id (primary key) 2 $table->increments('id'); 3 4 $table->string('name'); 5 $table->integer('age')->nullable(); 6 $table->boolean('act...

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